Better Safe Than Shannon: “Adventures in Little Bavaria”

Adventures in Little Bavaria

Better Safe Than Shannon: Adventures in Little Bavaria

I’m exhausted, but I wanted to get this done and up, so no color. You can kind of tell I was getting sloppy towards the end–I’ve been up and running around in the sun all day, obviously.

Frankenmuth (aka “Little Bavaria”) is a town not too far from where I live. The entire town is a tourist trap, with the bait being cheese and chocolate. Their shtick is that all of the architecture is built to look like Franconian Germany. The Muth is also home to Bronner’s (“The World’s Largest Christmas Store”) and a couple friends of mine from college. In addition to all that, it’s infamous in the Tri-Cities area for being rich and snobby. Also, we did not see a single non-white person all day. Frankemuth is bitchy.

The story behind the interview is actually really cool, though–I went along with B to keep him company (I don’t know why he and Mae took separate cars? whatever) and while he and I were sitting outside the conference room the auditions were taking place in, the arts manager–who we met at one of the Lawnchair Film Festival showings a few weeks ago–came out to talk to us. She asked if I was auditioning, and I explained that no, I don’t act (anymore), and that I was a techie. She got super excited and asked if I would come in and talk to her and the director about my experience and skill set. I was all, “Yeah, sure.” So I did.

For those unfamiliar with the theatre world, Equity theatres mean that actors (and techies!) are part of a labor union, get fair wages and health benefits, etc., etc. In case you missed that, there was a keyword in there. Wages. Now, I do tech because I think it’s fun, it’s challenging, and it gets me out and being social, versus being holed up alone inside drawing little pictures all day with just my cats for company. But, well, what can I say? A little money would definitely not work.

So here’s to hoping that they liked me and want me to design some sets in the near future.

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