“Oh, and to top it all of, my iPod totally died.”

I know I promised a real post with recent art, but I have a few good excuses, including (but never limited!) to my car blowing, my house’s A/C being broken (with humidity that makes papers curl, it’s so hot and wet!), starting my new job today, and trying to get financial aid matters all sorted out before classes start again in a short week and a half. Needless to say, I haven’t had time to even pick up a pencil, let alone draw or paint anything. Which sucks, but that’s life? Evidently?

alice in nowhereland.

alice in nowhereland.

My ex-roommate, in our shower. I had just installed the newest version of Photoshop and was playing around.

drunk sketches of theatre kids.

drunk sketches of theatre kids.

I think the title says it all. I dashed these out one night while we were hanging out; they hung in my friend Andy’s hallway for a while, and now they’ve moved with him to New York. I think this is officially the only art of mine that physically resides in the Big Apple. The sad part is, I think these drawing probably have a more exciting life than I do.



A quick, ten-minute marker sketch of a girl in one of the art classes I took. It actually looks just like her, which I was surprised by.

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