“There’s nothing here for you.”

Yesterday was a spectacularly shitty day!
So I made a comic about it, hoping it would make me feel better.

It did not make me feel any better, and today, while not as bad, was still pretty awful. But I guess technically it was better? I think being alive is just wearing me down.

Does anybody else feel like that?
Like just living is too hard?
Not in a suicidal way, but in a “man, I could really use a week off to just…rest.” way.

Oh well.

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One response to ““There’s nothing here for you.”

  1. David

    I get the same way this time of year. I need a month to reset my dials and begin to feel positive again. You know I used to be Lactose intolerant also. My mother bought this stuff called Lactagen about a year ago and I haven’t had any issues since. You may want to try it. By the way life is always worth living, sometimes you just have to fight a little harder.


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