“Walking outside in Michigan winter…”

“…is like doing a line of coke. Except, instead of being exhilarating, it’s just…depressing.”

"They would say anything if it wold shut me up."



you bastards, you've lucked out again.

Just some quick snapshots from the past week. Finally got all the art framed and shipped out for First Fridays. Tomorrow I am lucky enough to be attending what will probably be the highlight of my year: Amanda Palmer and the Danger Ensemble at the Magic Bag in Ferndale (near Detroit.) I’m pretty excited–I’ve been in love with Amanda since the ninth grade. And by “pretty excited,” I mean I’ve been dancing around squealing since I bought the tickets earlier. I got to see her in The Dresden Dolls a few years back, when they were touring with Panic! at the Disco, and meeting her after the show in the parking lot will probably stick in my memory forever. I was almost in tears afterward.

Two years, four months and sixteen days ago, in all our sweaty, nasty, post-show glory. (The photo was dated.)
Yeah, I’m pretty excited.

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