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Proving once and for all that I have no eye for fashion.

I wasn’t sure if I liked the color or just the linework better…so I posted both.
Which do you prefer?
As always, click to enlarge, yo.


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“The reception’s gotten fuzzy. The delicate balance has shifted.”

Oh, I have a blog.
In the midst of the holiday stress (and maybe a little overindulgence in intoxication) I haven’t had much time to do any big art.
I did have some work selected for exhibition in Phoenix. In a museum. There will be details closer to when it actually happens.

Here is my new hair.

It’s pretty bright.

What do you mean, you “wanted to see art?”
Jesus, so demanding.
I guess here’s some sketchbook pages.



First one was a result of watching a lot of Metalocalypse. Second one was at a Saginaw Spirit game. I also did a little sketch of Colbeagle the Eagle, but that’s for another time.

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Reverting back to age twelve.


What are we looking at?
Big, angry fucking bears.

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“I know.” “Apparently, you don’t.”

I have been busy, not lazy.
Prepping work to send out to Phoenix, AZ (from Saginaw, MI) to show during December’s First Fridays.
Just finished painting a set for a local professional theatre.
Ongoing work on the Neverending Commission.
All excuses for why today, all you get is a quick sketchbook entry from tonight.

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“I’m on the karma payment pla-a-aan.”

man you were kind of an asshole in tenth grade but you're REALLY an asshole now
[click the image to enlarge your p3n!$ comix]

This actually happened today.
I had a crush on the dude when I was in tenth grade.
I almost wish I were lying.

Also, fun extras that nobody really cares about!
A peek into my process, start to finish.

man that doodle up there is kinda emo isn't it? god dammit
(clicky-clicky to make it bigger.)

That’s all for tonight, but I do have some pretty Big News coming up that will be especially awesome for anybody in the Phoenix area. I’ve just got to straighten out the details, but I’m pretty excited.

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One more dawn, one more day, one day more.

As promised, a special election’s eve post.
My stomach has been churning, and I am a little fluffy-haired bundle of nervousness and anticipation.

For the first time in what seems like my whole life, I have genuine hope,
not just for this country, that I have lost so much faith in over the past eight years,
but for the whole world.


Yes, we can.

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