Reverting back to age twelve.


What are we looking at?
Big, angry fucking bears.


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“It’s pretty cold, inside and out.”

“Sometimes you just gotta deal with entire days of laying in bed trembling and wishing for death before you can sit up and remember, ‘Hey. I know how to PAINT.'”

That’s right. Today, I busted out the Ani DiFranco and the oil paints, and suddenly it was like I was in high school all over again.
Pictures of the whole thing once when it’s done, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out.
I really do forget sometimes that I can paint. I never think I can until I actually pick up the brush, and then it’s like I remember all at once, “Oh, that’s right, this was why I wanted to be an artist. Duh.”

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“Walking outside in Michigan winter…”

“…is like doing a line of coke. Except, instead of being exhilarating, it’s just…depressing.”

"They would say anything if it wold shut me up."



you bastards, you've lucked out again.

Just some quick snapshots from the past week. Finally got all the art framed and shipped out for First Fridays. Tomorrow I am lucky enough to be attending what will probably be the highlight of my year: Amanda Palmer and the Danger Ensemble at the Magic Bag in Ferndale (near Detroit.) I’m pretty excited–I’ve been in love with Amanda since the ninth grade. And by “pretty excited,” I mean I’ve been dancing around squealing since I bought the tickets earlier. I got to see her in The Dresden Dolls a few years back, when they were touring with Panic! at the Disco, and meeting her after the show in the parking lot will probably stick in my memory forever. I was almost in tears afterward.

Two years, four months and sixteen days ago, in all our sweaty, nasty, post-show glory. (The photo was dated.)
Yeah, I’m pretty excited.

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“But I’ve been self-medicating, so it’s okay!”

i am the only person in the world. i can pee with the door open!

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“I know.” “Apparently, you don’t.”

I have been busy, not lazy.
Prepping work to send out to Phoenix, AZ (from Saginaw, MI) to show during December’s First Fridays.
Just finished painting a set for a local professional theatre.
Ongoing work on the Neverending Commission.
All excuses for why today, all you get is a quick sketchbook entry from tonight.

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“I’m on the karma payment pla-a-aan.”

man you were kind of an asshole in tenth grade but you're REALLY an asshole now
[click the image to enlarge your p3n!$ comix]

This actually happened today.
I had a crush on the dude when I was in tenth grade.
I almost wish I were lying.

Also, fun extras that nobody really cares about!
A peek into my process, start to finish.

man that doodle up there is kinda emo isn't it? god dammit
(clicky-clicky to make it bigger.)

That’s all for tonight, but I do have some pretty Big News coming up that will be especially awesome for anybody in the Phoenix area. I’ve just got to straighten out the details, but I’m pretty excited.

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“I taught myself how to grow.”

i taught myself how to grow old
(click for large size.)

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