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24-Hour Comics Day 2008.

Yeah, I did it.
24 pages in 24 hours.
Suck it, bitches.

On a more professional note, the comic itself is online here. The images are pretty small and not much was done for cleanup, but I wanted to get it online as quickly as possible. Hopefully a nice, polished version will be online someday. You know, eventually.

There will be a print minicomic of this available in the next couple weeks, which will also include a bunch of other, less-rushed bonus comics that aren’t anywhere on the internets, so they’ll probably be new to you! If you’re interested, drop me a line at chanonista [at!] gmail [dot!] com. I take SASEs, trades, or a single George Washington to cover shipping. (Also, Paypal, if you’re all fancy and technologically advanced like that.) So yes! E-mail me. They will be fancy and beautiful and good in many many ways.

So anyhow! Go read some god-dang comics.



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