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cotton candy sugar cookie bubble gum watermelon cupcake hair.

Ballpoint pen and watercolor, 11″x14″.
Text reads, “If anyone’s going to break this heart / I think it should be you.”

Close up:
birds close up

Also, completely unrelated:
I have pink hair now.
And I am moving to Arizona! So henceforth, everything that you see on this website is for sale. I’m driving 2000 miles in a little Honda Accord, and it would be silly to try to take all of this art I’ve accumulated over the years. So if you see something you like, shoot me an email [ chanonista (at!) gmail (dot?) com ] and we’ll talk. I’m just trying to get rid of it, so prices are very negotiable.

I just realized that I never posted the finished version of that painting, even though it’s been finished for an age and a half. Sorry? Here it is, regardless!
self-portrait in the dark
Oil on Bristol board, 8″x11″ (with a 1″ white border.)


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“You are not fat. I am the only one who gets to complain about that. It is like my point of individuality in our social circle.”

Random self-portrait I did last week. My brush was acting all kinds of bitchy, so I just went crazy. Funny how things always seem to look the best when we try the least.

Self-portrait in india ink.

Self-portrait in india ink.

Oh hey look lots of little ink splatters! They are artsy and not at all because I accidentally dripped ink in the middle of the page and then tried to make it intentional! Also there is an awkwardly large amount of unused white space because of “artistic license,” and not because I am lazy and boring.

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