Things I Am Rather Fond Of!

Rather than have a blogroll or a bunch of (in my opinion) ugly link boxes on my front page, I’ve collected -just for you!- a few things that I enjoy looking at, and thus believe that you will probably also enjoy!

a softer world by Emily Horne and Joey Comeau.
Pretty much everybody and their mother has at least seen an asw strip floating around the interwebs, and if not, well, go look! Emily takes pretty pictures, and Joey is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I’ve been reading asw religiously for a few years now, and they just keep getting better and better.

anders loves maria by Rene Engstrom.
Oh god it’s so good guys. Seriously. It is like the champagne of webcomics.

Angelina the Zombie Princess is a really pretty girl who makes really pretty art. Also, she has pink hair, which in my book is totally rad. (Also, she is Canadian! Added bonus cool points.)

Bellen! is an excellent comic by one mister Box Brown. It is good stuff. Cute, with just the right amount of self-deprecation that is essential to being a successful cartoonist!

The Illustration Friday Blog! Every Friday, a new topic is posted, and illustrators young and old, amazing and downright terrible, work their hardest to…er, illustrate it, I guess. IT’S FUN ALRIGHT GUYS. You should try it sometime.

I wish my art was half as adorable as Kt Shy. That’s all.

It’s a good thing Ramon Perez’s Kukuburi only updates once a week, because if it were any more often, I think my head would explode. It is far and away one of the best webcomics out there right now, and if I were the prayin’ type, I would be prayin’ that someday in the future there might be a print version. Seriously. Kukuburi is all the proof anyone will ever need to contest the argument that “webcomics is not an art.”

Kurt Halsey Fredrickson has been my favorite artist for a long time. I literally more prints and postcards of his art than I have wallspace for, and I guard my two limited edition signed prints with my life. His art is cute, romantic, and sometimes heartbreaking. I am a walking, talking cliche machine, I know, but I assure you–he is not.

Octopus Pie. Meredith Gran is the cartoonist I aspire to one day be, and the first time I read Octopus Pie, I immediately IM’d a close friend with “HOLY SHIT EMERY THIS COMIC WAS WRITTEN JUST FOR ME.” It’s that good. A comic about a nerdy girl and her pot-smokin’ roommate in New York. Yup.

Man, Shannon, everybody already knows that Overcompensating is amazing and Jeffrey Rowland is going to take over the world.

Hey indie kids! You know how you just wish with all your heart that you could have found that up-and-coming webcomic just a wee bit before all your peers? Well, here’s your chance: Jehu Campo’s Parallax is just that comic. There are big things happening here, folks. Big things.

Because, y’know, Questionable Content isn’t already almost as popular as xkcd (which, for the record, I also enjoy.) But seriously, QC was the very first webcomic I ever read. It was what really made me start thinking, “Hey. I…might be able to do that?” (As of posting, no, I am not yet able to do that. Someday.)

The Fart Party! Because Julia Wertz is crass, ornery, and eight other kinds of wonderful.

Vera Brosgol makes beautiful things, and I like to look at them. You should, too! ‘Cause her arts is pretty. Also she is evidently working on a graphic novel! That is Big News to me, and I am eagerly awaiting more details soon, I hope? I will certainly be first in line at Coy’s Comics when that one comes out.


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